CNC precision manufacturing workshop

Established in 1958, our company is specialized in CNC precision machining; our current manufacturing systems is based on automatic lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, machining centers, grinding machines, EDM wire machines, honing machines, etc., in both traditional and CNC forms. We are equipped with CMM measuring machines and we issue, for any precision piece that we manufacture, a test certification, this being the proof of the quality level we are offering to our customers . Download here our brochure !

Pneumatic presses

The Ostoni pneumatic presses are made in 6 models, from 480 to 3000 Kgs., and are suitable to execute several operations, such as assembling, blanking, riveting, keyeing, caulking, bending, stamping, etc.. They are very indicated when it is requested an adjustable power and a precise stroke control.

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